Journalism should build bridges

Journalist and professor Jeff Jarvis on storytelling, explanations and a need to revisit definitions of journalism. Less focus on simplifying, more on interdisciplinary approaches, and building bridges:

“Journalism requires a different starting point: not getting and writing stories to fill a Gutenberg-era product called a publication, not convincing ourselves and our public that we can summarize and explain their world in the neat confines of text, not merely saying what happened today or will tomorrow. Instead, I want to imagine a journalism that begins with the problems we see and reaches across disciplines to seek solutions. (You might expect me to turn to technology but, no, I am looking to academic fields of study that have much to teach us about the society we serve.) Thus a reimagined journalism would not act as gatekeeper but as bridge.”

Read the article, a short simplifying quote doesn’t convey the full meaning.

Telling and retelling the story of Jesus

Catherine Wilkening and Lothaire Bluteau as Mireille and Daniel in Jesus De Montreal

Jesus of Montreal (Denys Arcand: 1989) is a favorite Jesus/Christ-figure film. The film tells the story of Jesus and is at the same time a retelling of that story.

“The way in which Jesus recruits the rest of the cast is strongly modelled on Jesus recruiting his disciples in Galilee and of course they come from a range of questionable backgrounds and filled with scepticism and reluctance. As the story of the production and staging of the play develops, the characters begin to embody narrative elements of their characters in their own lives in modern-day Montreal.”

Meaning in Movies

Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”

Daenerys Targaryen:

“I’m not here to murder. All I want to destroy is the wheel that has rolled over everyone both rich and poor, to the benefit of no one but the Cersei Lannisters of the world.”

Popular culture, meet church history.

WHO recommends that children sit less and play more. Read the report 

“The pattern of overall 24-hour activity is key: replacing prolonged restrained or sedentary screen time with more active play, while making sure young children get enough good-quality sleep. Quality sedentary time spent in interactive non-screen-based activities with a caregiver, such as reading, storytelling, singing and puzzles, is very important for child development.”

Good advice.

Ps. The kind of play being discussed does not include computer games.

John Gruber:

A podcast, to me, is a series of audio episodes available over the web. At a technical level, it’s an RSS feed, and the RSS feed has entries for each episode, and each episode has links to the actual audio file (in MP3 or AAC format, but usually MP3) and other metadata. 

What isn’t a podcast? A show behind a paywall.

Worth watching: a short film explaining autism – from the inside.

112/365 The village
Our effort was awarded with this beautiful view.

We set off from one village, cycling onwards and upwards. One kilometer. Two kilometers. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. After ten kilometers we were rewarded with this beautiful view.

Effort and beauty.

That’s what defined our day.

From a poem for the day on the attempted intimidation of Mary Magdalene.

Dead men stay dead.
It was all in that pretty little head of yours.
So sit down, shut up, don’t make waves.
You know what happened to Jesus.

Abby Auman,

The Pulitzer Prizes for 2019 depict a violent year for journalists.

This little one was sunbathing in the bike shed.