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Errol, Bob and the Meltdown

Errol Morris and Bob Odenkirk combine their talents in nine short films on Global Meltdown. Made for the Institute for the Future, the films are a call to action on climate justice.

There is no time to waste. We must act now.

Om Malik sees similarities between cameras and servers:

But mostly, our pictures — even the best ones — function as glorified postcards on Instagram, Facebook, or some other messaging app. No one on WhatsApp cares if you made a photo in 50 megapixels or 12 megapixels Just as, in the cloud, no one gives two hoots if your server is Sun, Dell or HP.

I think he’s onto something. I also agree with him: I love my camera.

Three legs

A chair with three legs on the square. Why? Because some people are missing a leg. Why? Because, landmines.

Ellie Pell won an ultramarathon and took home two trophies. Why two? Read the story.

Ryan Singer shares how he wrote Shape Up. There are five steps so far:

  1. Workshop
  2. Get feedback and interview participants
  3. Write, sketch
  4. Soft release as a web book
  5. Release PDF version
150/365 Mirror, mirror
Photo 150 of 365. The whole set.

Rob Walker:

“Devote time to studying something you’ve seen before. You can look over and over — until like [New York Times culture reporter Randy] Kennedy, you’re seeing something in a way that nobody else would.”

The Art of Noticing, 28.

The Guardian:

The Guardian has updated its style guide to introduce terms that more accurately describe the environmental crises facing the world.

Instead of “climate change” the preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and “global heating” is favoured over “global warming”, although the original terms are not banned.

Because words matter.

Om Malik:

Maybe it is time for platforms to rethink the idea of engagement, purely from the point of view of conversations and communication. In a weird sort of way, the Snapchat streaks are a perfect encapsulation of an engagement dynamic, which cannot be monetized but is just a non-verbal, non-textual conversation between a small subset of friends and meaningful only to them.

8 1/2 minutes on saving our planet

David Attenborough is a man with a plan

David Attenborough has a plan in four parts on how to save our planet. These 8 1/2 minutes are well spent.