Derek Sivers on a day in London with his seven year old:

I don’t regret having plans, because sometimes following the plan is the best choice. So I guess the lesson is to make plans, but feel free to ignore them — to see them as an option, not a requirement.

The youth-led climate movement will not be ignored write Jay Inslee, Varshini Prakash:

Last month’s strikes felt both exhilarating and heartbreaking. It’s deeply saddening that children must fight tooth and nail to force elected leaders to care about their future. But the strikes also showcased all the progress we’ve made in just a few short years, and a glimpse of what’s possible if this movement continues gaining momentum. Insiders in Washington, DC, may not know it yet, but this young American generation’s leaders know that we face an urgent climate crisis and that addressing it is a matter of life and death. They’re acting like it—it’s time that the rest of us did too.

Climate justice is a matter of intergenerational justice.

The Comms Creative blog on dashes:

  • Hyphens join words: eg. they’re word-joiners.
  • En dashes are a bit longer than hyphens. They’re the width of the letter ‘N’, and they show range: eg. 14–16 cm.
  • The em dash is the width of the letter M & used when emphasis is required — like when you’re trying to make a point.
  • If you want to change minds, remember that:

    Other people don’t believe what you believe, and they don’t see what you see.

    The most powerful four minutes I’ve watched, listened to, been inspired by, this year.

    Errol, Bob and the Meltdown

    Errol Morris and Bob Odenkirk combine their talents in nine short films on Global Meltdown. Made for the Institute for the Future, the films are a call to action on climate justice.

    There is no time to waste. We must act now.

    Om Malik sees similarities between cameras and servers:

    But mostly, our pictures — even the best ones — function as glorified postcards on Instagram, Facebook, or some other messaging app. No one on WhatsApp cares if you made a photo in 50 megapixels or 12 megapixels Just as, in the cloud, no one gives two hoots if your server is Sun, Dell or HP.

    I think he’s onto something. I also agree with him: I love my camera.

    Three legs

    A chair with three legs on the square. Why? Because some people are missing a leg. Why? Because, landmines.

    Ellie Pell won an ultramarathon and took home two trophies. Why two? Read the story.

    Ryan Singer shares how he wrote Shape Up. There are five steps so far:

    1. Workshop
    2. Get feedback and interview participants
    3. Write, sketch
    4. Soft release as a web book
    5. Release PDF version